Mythbuntu 8.10 is Here

It didn’t take long after the official release of Ubuntu 8.10 for Mythbuntu 8.10 to come out.  The one cool feature that I didn’t know about was the Apple trailer plugin.


* Mythbuntu-log-grabber – This app grabs specific log files into a single area and can upload them to pastebin for easy troubleshooting
* Auto Partitioner now creates a XFS filesystem for recordings
* Mousepad, a gui editor is now installed by default (similar to gedit)
* Wubi now supports Mythbuntu
* Apple trailer plugin is now packaged and available
* Website now has link to Mythbuntu in the news
* New Mythbuntu-testing PPA at (contains some packages for gutsy, hardy, and intrepid)

Changes from Mythbuntu 8.10 RC

* Wubi now included in ISO
* Install docs for 8.10 included in ISO
* Windows autorun now links to docs and wubi

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