MyMovies server on WHS won’t work

I thought it would be a good idea to install MyMovies server on my Windows Home Server.  It actually worked out well, my Windows Home Server acted as the MyMovies server and all of the other computers connected to it as a client.  But the one problem I ran into is that Windows Update wouldn’t work anymore.  And not being able to update your server isn’t a good thing.  So I went back to installing the MyMovies server on each Windows Media Center computers and they point to the movies stored on the Windows Home Server.   The issue wasn’t with MyMovies software.  It was an issue with SQL 2005 being installed.  I’m sure I could have figured out how to get SQL 2005 and WHS to work together but it took me so long to figure out that SQL was the problem that I just decided to uninstall it.  If someone has gotten this to work let me know.   I would like to go back to MyMovies server being installed on the WHS box.

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