My Thoughts on WWDC 2008

I watched a little of the live updates from todays WWDC. It was alright but I wasn’t blown away by anything. I was also waiting for the “On more thing”. I think with the sheer number of Mac fanatics out there it is hard to keep things a secret. Almost everything that was discussed today was leaked to the Internet at one time or another.

The new iPhone has some really nice features. And for $200 you can’t really beat it. I’ll I can say is Verizon better give me a free Blackberry Thunder or it is a good possibility I might switch to AT&T for the iPhone. I know there are a lot of people at work that will be waiting for the Exchange support. It’s nice that the software will be free for previous version iPhones. The GPS software looks really cool. I’m looking forward to what apps people will come up for the location API. The only negative I can come up with is that it’s locked to AT&T. All my family and friends are on Verizon so it would cost me a fortune to switch because I wouldn’t have IN calling.

The MobileMe service is a replacement for .Mac. The one thing that impresses me is Windows support. I wouldn’t have thought that you would be able to sync your information with Windows. There are a couple of negatives about the service. It still cost $99 which I think is too high. I think $30 or even $40 would be a good price which I would probably pay for. The other issue is the name. I thought .Mac was a lot better than MobileMe. But I’m sure they did the research and felt that was the best name. All current .Mac subscribers will automatically get upgraded to MobileMe when it becomes active next month. Oh and you can buy .Mac through Amazon right now for discount, $30 off. That means that you can save some money and get upgraded for free next month.

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