Music Through a Cell Phone on My Car Stereo

I wanted to share something that I thought was pretty cool that happened this afternoon.  My girlfriend and I were headed up to eat when I started singing a song.  It wasn’t on the radio, it was just one of those that pop into your head.  So we figured out what song it was and both started singing it.  Then she pulls out her blackberry and pulls up  She searched for the song, found it, and started playing it.  We then hooked the Blackberry up to the car stereo for better sound, AUX input.  I was thinking back to how cool that really was.  Just last year I would never have thought about doing that.  It’s any type of media everywhere you are

We also played with my Orb account.  We started streaming music from my Windows Home Server through the blackberry to my car stereo.  It was just like I was at my computer playing music.

I’m sure people have done this before and might have some other cool things to do with web access on your phone.  If you have some cool things please share.

If you wondered the song was Peaches by the Presidents of the United States of America.

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