Multimedia Car project and GX150 wired into the TV

I started working on my two projects. I am about as far as I can go without spending money now. I took apart 3 old computers to create 1 nicer machine. It is running Windows 98 SE and has 128MB of memory. It will be fine to wire into a car for testing purposes. Now I just need a 7″ Mobile LCD. Since they are around $100 I am looking for a used one. Or maybe someone will give me one. Wishful thinking. The car project can’t be completed anyways until I get the family room Multimedia PC setup. The GX150 is going to be the main machine in the house. It will be the machine that every other device links to. I have the GX150 as far as I can go right now. I am researching the TV tuner card and the remote that I want. So of course it involves spending more money. Of course someone could donate all the supplies I need. Just more wishful thinking. I will keep everyone posted. Below I included some of the work that I did today.

Three computers

These are the three computers in the family room. Trying to get enough parts to make an OK computer.

The computer that I used

This is the computer that I used to combine all the parts. It looked the best out of the 3.


Another picture of all three computers. It was a mess in the family room this afternoon.


This is the GX150. You can see that it will fit nicely in the stereo rack.


Another picture of the GX150.

Well hopefully I get the new parts soon so I can really get to the good stuff on this project. Check back to soon to see the finished projects.

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