Mineral Oil Computer: What happened to it?

The mineral oil computer has been in storage for 5 months. The mineral oil is still in it and all the plexi is still in place. In the next month I will have to relocate the computer back into the house. So at that time I will answer all of those wonderful questions that people still want to know. Just a few questions are: Does the computer still work? What effects did the mineral oil have on the plexi glass case? If you want to know check back and I will have all of the answers. Also if you have questions that you would like to ask just post them here.

I also wanted to know of an interesting thing we could do with the computer. It really is of no value to me because it is an older computer. It does run Win XP on it. Would you like to see if we could get the mineral oil temp up to an extreme level by working the processor as hard as possible? If you have any crazy ideas to do to the mineral oil computer just let me know. I would like to do something fun that we can all learn something from. I’m working on a newer model that will have either a 1GHz PIII or a 1.5GHz P4. I haven’t decided because I don’t know if I want to throw a P4 into another project. If you have any experience with water cooling or with putting it in mineral oil let me know. I want to see what limitations you came across so I can see if I can come up with a solution for the new model.

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Hi, I saw your design last year and decided to build my own. I’m currently at EOU in oregon. I have yet to finish my computer. I have the case mostly assembled and 1 gallon of mineral oil purchased, but due to $$$ problems the project got put on hold. my plan is to mount a p4 1.7ghz cpu in the case. I’ll be using a Car heater core to radiate the heat away from the oil. Currently have not found a good pump to use. If and when I get this project finished i’ll have to submit some pictures. I dont have a google login, but you can contact me at westerngunmantoo@yahoo.com

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