Microsofts Mojave Experiment

Vista has had a bad rap since it’s release.  I think a lot of it is because of Apple’s great marketing.  We all remember those “I’m a Mac” commercials.  Microsoft launched a new ad compaign called the Mojave Experiment.  They picked people that said they didn’t like Windows Vista and showed them a new OS they were working on.  The people were extremely impressed and then they were told it was really Windows Vista.

I really liked watching the experiment.  It just shows how peoples views can be swayed by bad publicity.  Not all press is good press.  Once people actually use Vista, or even see it, they are impressed with how well it works.

The site says there is more to come so it will be interesting to see how Microsoft continues with this.  I would really like to see the negative reasons for why people didn’t like Vista.

Mojave Experiment

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