Media Center 2005 machine

I have recently finished setting up my multimedia pc running Windows Media Center 2005. I haven’t used it long enough to give a review but I do have pictures and some first thoughts. So far I am very excited about this new computer. It is wired to my TV and stereo in the family room. I used s-video for the display and 2-channel audio for now. The picture and the sound is great. I also used a Silverstone HTPC case. I couldn’t have bought a better case. I ordered it through This case is very sturdy. It ways as much as a normal computer without anything in it. The case I order also allows for a full ATX board. Which means there is plenty of room inside. Well lets get started with the pictures. I will add more info under them.

This is the computer I was taking apart for components of the media center. I was testing it here to make sure that everything would work alright.

This is another picture of the testing of the OS with my components. I didn’t have the Silverstone case yet.
I took this picture to show how nicely packaged the silverstone case was.
This is the Silverstone case out of the box. Like I said before it is a well contructed and heavy case.
Front shot of the Silverstone case. you can see how nice it looks.
This is a front side view. You can see the slots in the side. Right behind the slots there is room for another HD.
This is a view of the side Firewire port and audio inputs. There are also 4 vents that the 80mm fan uses to pull in air from the front.
This is another shot of the vents on the side.
All the parts that came with the Silverstone case.
This is the back view of the case. You can see why it makes sense to use a full ATX board. You have lots of PCI slots to fill with all of your multimedia needs.
This is another view of the case with all the parts.
Vents next to the PCI slots. This is a good idea to bring cool air over all the TV tuners and graphics card.
This is without the cover on. You can see the two 60mm fans. It would be nice if they were 80mm but the 60mm are not too loud.
In this picture you can see the 80mm fan on the front. It pulls from the slots on the side. You can also see the space for 3 HDs, 2 Bay drives, and the HD holder under the Bay drives.
A closer picture of the two 60mm fans.
A closer picture of the 80mm fan.
This is the Compaq computer I used for internals.
Another shot of the Compaq computer.
This is the inside of the Compaq computer.
This is another shot of the Compaq inside.
This is the compaq all taken apart. I used most of the internal parts.
This is the mother board inside of the Silverstone case. I didn’t use a full ATX board so you can see how much room I have left.
Another picture with the mother board in.
Adding the DVD burner was easy. The front slides over which makes it really easy.
This is the computer with everything in it. I have a 40GB system drive and a 160GB storage drive.

This is a picture of the DVD drive cover on. I looks like it was shipped like this.
This is a picture of the case all done in the stereo rack. It is a nice fit.
This is another shot of it in the stereo rack.
This last shot shows how nice it looks with the rest of the stereo components.

Like I said above I haven’t been using it for every long. I am very happy with the way it works. It is a 2GHz AMD cpu, 1GB of ram, 40GB system, 160GB storage. My 160GB drive is already full so I am adding another 160GB soon. If your planning on building a machine like this I would highly recommend it. Just make sure you have enough HD space to hold all of your digital media. I converted my entire DVD collection into digital and used up every bit of storage I had. But it is a lot nicer to sit on the couch and scroll through your DVDs then it is to get up and look.

Check back soon cause I will have a review on the system, plus I will have some more info on some of the specific parts inside and software.

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