MCE meet iTunes

Well having my iTunes music on my MCE is now possible. Using mcetunes you can sync your iTunes music with MCE. I haven’t tried this yet. I’m hoping to have it installed and tested this weekend. If others have used it let me know. I would love to hear what you think of it. It has a trial but the trial wont play protected tracks. You have to buy it in order to play protected files. But with a $29.99 price tag it will be worth it if it plays them. They say it is legal because it doesn’t decrypt the files.

This is the second program that I have heard of. The first being HPtunes. HPtunes does the same thing but was developed for HP computers. There are some hacked versions floating around the internet that will run on any type of machine. I’m not going to link to them. If mcetunes does the same thing I’ll just pay the small price for it.

Below is a link to what some other users thought of the program MCEtunes:

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