MacWorld Predictions: Mac Home Server/iServe?

I always get caught up in the excitement of MacWorld and the crazy rumors that go along with it. Why shouldn’t I share my rumor/thoughts of what’s coming at MacWorld. The first 5 below you probably have already heard but number 6 is a rumor of what is coming that was started right here.

1. Sub-Notebook: This will be a slimmer notebook like everyone has been talking about. I don’t think multi-touch will be on it though. It will be a 11″ widescreen using an LED backlight display. Optical drive will be included. It will use a solid state drive. It will be about half the thickness of the current MacBooks.

2. New appleTv with increased storage, processor and memory. It will run the new version of Front Row. It will also get a price cut.

3. Mac Mini will get an upgrade as the ultimate media center. It will get a storage boast and have a built in tuner. The appleTV will be an iTunes gateway while the Mac Mini will be an entertainment center. This one is more of a wish.

4. Movie rentals from iTunes. This has been going around with so many details. It’s almost certain this is coming. My addition to this is they will have a monthly subscription to rentals. It’s the only real way they can compete with netflix and blockbuster. Also offer HD movies.

5. There will also be new displays with built-in iSight cameras. These displays will be glossy. I’m thinking they are going to start out at 24″ and terminate the 20″ model. Probably going to have a bigger than 30″ display.

6. iServe is going to be a home server. I don’t think anyone has predicted this but I’m going too. I think Apple will come out with a stripped down version of Leopard Server for home. It will come in a small headless package. This will be similar to Windows Home Server but will be powered by the X. This will be the place you and your family store all of that digital media you buy from iTunes. It will be like .Mac for the home. Your pictures, videos and music are all saved on the server. It won’t matter what computer in the house you login to your data will come with you. It will also give you access to your files from anywhere in the world. They will also add the network backup feature back to Time Machine. The feature was originally removed because iServe wasn’t ready yet. It will support Raid and start out at 500GB versions going up to 2TB. It will also have additional firewire and USB ports in the back. It will have a built in print server. Pricing will start at $799. I think this is going to happen because it is the one place Apple hasn’t gone which they could easily. They already have a nice server OS. People are loading up those hard drives with lots of Apple provided content. And Apple has always been big into digital media so they understand the need for someplace to store it. The most important reason why Apple is going to do this is people want it. Look at the external drive market, the recent NAS products, and even Microsoft got in the game with Windows Home Server. Apple is going to release the iServe and make all the other companies wish they had a product that cool to backup people’s data.

The above 6 predictions are just my thoughts. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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