mac mini + eyeTV = MCE killer?

I talk a lot about Windows media center. That’s because I use it and really do like it a lot. Well I can’t have a good multimedia site if I just use one platform. I use Mac everyday but when it came to my digital content I looked to MCE as my storage and distribution. Well now the competition is on. Over the next few weeks I will be trading my MCE for a Mac Mini and eyeTV. Now my Mac mini is the G4 version but is plenty of power to act as a DVR. But that’s not all to this switch for me. I asked my girlfriend, who has used my MCE setup, to do the setup of the Mac Mini and eyeTV. I’m doing this because a good computer based DVR system has to be easy to use for everyone not just a computer tech. MCE comes pre-loaded on lots of new systems. So there is really no setup other then hooking up cables. Mac doesn’t have a setup like that so I’m going to have her setup the DVR on it. It’s a Mac it should just work. After the couple of weeks we will both be posting our thoughts on the Mac Mini setup. Then we will do another write up on MCE vs. Mac Mini + eyeTV. I really want to start getting other none computer savvy users to start testing some of the DVR setups I have. I think it will give everyone out there a better idea of how easy a system really is to use.

The next step after this will be putting mythTV against MCE and the Mac Mini. If someone out there makes a pre-loaded mythTV box let me know. I know I can build one but building one is too hard for the none computer savvy person we are trying to cater these tests too.

Below is my girlfriend opening the eyeTV I ordered for her.

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