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I posted about Lifextender back in January. Since that release in January there has been two updates this month with lots of bug fixes and some new features. Below is what was fixed. – 3/5/2008

* Fixed issue a queuing when ‘Remove duplicate shows’ is enabled
* Fixed issue with shortcut in Programs menu – 3/2/2008

* Uncommercialized shows can optionally be output to a directory other than the Recorded TV directory
* Lifextender can now be configured to suspend (hibernate or sleep) the machine after a scheduled scan completes successfully
* Lifextender now supports a few command line arguments – see documentation for details
* Changed the progress bar on the progress form to increment based on per-file scope
* Removed add-in option allowing a scan after a record ends – duplicate feature
* Wake from sleep/hibernate no longer works due to the fix state above
* Progress form image box crops thumbnail to remove black frame
* Fixed issue with scheduled/incremental scans not working
* Fixed issues related to ShowAnalyzer installation detection on Vista 64-bit
* Fixed issue with ShowAnalyzer and non-US datetime formats

With all the fixes and some new features I would suggest upgrading to the latest version. The program is still in beta but people are already saying that it’s better than DVRMS toolbox. In case you don’t know Lifextender strips the commercials from your recording automatically. 30 minute show becomes 22 minutes. Very nice thing to have.

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