Lenovo Mini HTPC Keyboard

The Lenovo Multimedia Remote would be a nice addition to your HTPC. It’s small, wireless and gives you control over mouse and text inputs. The price isn’t bad either at $60. With these types of strange remote designs I like to see the reviews on them. The GlideTV remote came across better than I thought. The Lenovo remote wouldn’t be a full time media center remote but used for text entry.

* 2.4G wireless keyboard and mouse(with track ball) combo
* Palm-sized dimensions
* As far as 10 meters control distance
* Windows multimedia control
* Compatible with Windows® 2000 Windows® XP & Windows Vista® & Windows® 7

(via CrunchGear)

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Works out of the box with XBMC Linux (Ubuntu 9.10)


Thanks for the info. They don’t mention linux support. Probably means it works in OS X too.

works ok on linux with no special config. i am having probs getting the kb part to work after coming out of standby on a debian htpc.

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