Is Internet Security that bad?

Every company is getting into the virus and spyware business. Just this week 2 more companies have added that they will be providing spyware and virus protection. Well why do we need so much security? Is there that big of an increase in harmful programs? Or is it that the users are getting dumber as the years go by?

For a few years now I have been spending many many many hours cleaning peoples computers from all the junk that is out there. It isn’t usually difficult to do, it is just time consuming. Plus it’s costly to them. My feeling is that if they would of just had a few FREE programs installed, then most likely it wouldn’t have happened. Or if they would have had 1 computer lesson then they would of known not to click on that box that says free virus’. I do feel that there is an increase in problems but with the increase came an increase in defenses. But I also don’t think we need so many options. For a basic user these companies with all the options confuse them. Some people that I know of have paid for more then one Spyware remover. They thought they needed it.

I think the biggest internet security problem is not knowing. Most people don’t know what they are doing on the internet or on their computer. They type and click and type and click until they reach something that they want. Most of the time when typing and click they are not reading anything. They just know that the pretty picture will take them to a new page. So basically what I am saying is virus’ and spyware rely on people with no computer skills to click on them. Is that an internet security problem?

No it’s not. I think that instead of providing services that delete virus’ after it’s on the machine, we should switch to educating users on how to use a computer and the internet. After their educated they wont click on the attachments from their friend B3n, oops I mean Ben.

This might seem like a little much, but it doesn’t take much to learn basic computer and internet skills. And really that is all I am asking for. Basic.

Well honestly how can I complain. They keep me employed. 🙂

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