iPhone not a serious business phone


So I read this article over at TechCrunch. Again not happy with my choice of reading for the day so I thought I would add my opinion on it. The iPhone isn’t going to be a serious business phone. It wont come close. The problem is it works with a Mac and Mac software. Sure it can connect to a PC but not for the good stuff. The thing is, most big businesses use Windows. Can I get my exchange email on the iPhone? Probably but it isn’t going to be as easy as active sync. Hell, I get my email on my phone with active sync faster then my desk computer. I’m sure there will be ways to get everything from the PC to the iPhone. But you can also get everything for a Mac to a Windows mobile phone. Just use Missing Sync. It’s a great little program. The thing is Windows people are going to keep buying Windows mobile phones. Mac people are going to get the iPhone. It’s just one more reason not to play nice together and have two OS’s that work like crap together. Michael Arrington said that wrote the article “throw out the PC and get a Mac”. If the business world would happen to do that then the iPhone would become a business phone. Until then Blackberry and windows mobile will be the two top choices for business.

Now I’m not bashing the iPhone at all. We use a lot of Macs in our building and I’m sure there will be people that buy it. I just wont be one of them.

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