iPhone and apple TV problems

Well if you don’t know what the iPhone is or the appleTV then just search the Internet. It is all the talk online. But I think that both devices are lacking in areas in my opinion. Here is a Wired article on some of the drawbacks with the phone: http://blog.wired.com/gadgets/2007/01/top_5_worst_thi.html

Well I agree with most of them.

1. I really wished Apple would have stayed strong and released an unlocked phone. It wouldn’t of been about the carriers phones they have but the service they provide.

2. 4GB and 8GB is nothing for this new media player phone. Storing apps, files, movies and music wont take anytime at all to fill that up.

3. The battery I don’t really care about. It’s Apple, but Apple you should realize that phones are different the iPods, most people plug their phone in every night to make sure it is charged for the next day. Now iPods usually last 2 or 3 days and that’s if you use it a lot. I’ll be interested to see how the batteries will hold up being charged every night.

4. No 3G network. Well I don’t really care about 3G because I refuse to pay those high rates for Internet on my phone. I use wifi which is at my house and work.

5. Now the phone is suppose to have this great touch screen but why not put a slim slide out keyboard. Now my phone has a touch screen which I can use to go to webpages but tt is so much easier to type on my phone keyboard then type on a touch screen. Plus I was looking at the phone and typing two handed on the touch screen looks difficult while you are holding it. One handed seems easier but if your typing an email or doing some surfing two handed is what you want. Here is my phone incase you wondered. I love my phone.

Now onto the appleTV. I really like the idea. I think it has potential but it seems like apple wants you to purchase everything from iTunes. Well I can’t justify spending all that money on iTunes when I have a DVR and a VCR. And I don’t think that Apple will ever build DVR functionality into appleTV. But I can bet that third party companies will build in the features. But I do think that Apple could use the AppleTV as the first step to a subscription service for iTunes. Don’t start yelling at me just think about it. If you could pay a subscription service to iTunes and get all the TV shows you wanted, plus movies and music. Why would you need to pay for cable. You’ll watch the shows when you want too. You wont need to worry about setting the DVR or VCR. I’ll you’ll need to know is what show you want to watch or just browse for something that looks interesting. Apple could charge $70 which would cover unlimited TV shows, movies and music. That’s about the price of cable, music subscription, and netflix. To make the big companies happy that want their money you could show a couple of commercials. I know it’s dreaming a bit but I think it could happpen.

Well I know I’m saying things on gadgets I don’t even have. But I know I can because every downfall I can think of doesn’t knock down that the iPhone and appleTV are great products. Apple does it’s research and I’m just one person with one opinion. I’m sure they will sell millions.

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