In and Out Audio system

Well we finished my brothers house not to long ago. We installed 5.1 surround sound in the walls in the living room. We also setup speakers on the back pourch, the front pourch, and the garage. The install was pretty easy since it was new construction. We used phoenix gold speakers in the house and the outdoor models outside. In the house we insulated the walls behind the speakers. This was to provide better sound and also to keep the sound from traveling into the rooms behind the speakers. The 5.1 surround system sounds really good. We used a Yamaha reciever to power the system. All the video systems run through the reciever. He has digital cable which really helps with the sound while watching TV. The outdoor system is run from the garage. There is a 200 watt reciever in there that goes to a audio switcher made by phoenix gold. This way he can switch on and off what zone he wants. 200 watts is plenty of power for a couple of speakers but if you turn on all 7 speakers outside the house you lose volume. It is still plenty of power but you can tell a difference as you turn on more and more speakers.

This is a picture of the speakers on the pourch. You can’t see them from the road.

Another shot of the speakers on the pourch.

Speakers on the back pourch.

Another shot of the speakers on the back pourch.

Before we painted the walls.

Another picture.

The wall painted and the speakers are in. We decided not to paint the speaker grills. I think it looks good like that.

Another shot of the speakers in the wall.

This is the speaker terminal in garage. We relabled them so it doesn’t say front, center, left, etc….

This is the brackets for the speakers with the insulation behind it.

Another picture of the brackets.

Speaker terminal for the living room.

Another picture of the bracket.

With the drywall on.

Well this was an easy project for new construction. It doesn’t cost that much money and is well worth the price if you ask me. We actually got the speakers on sale for $100 a pair. They are usually $169. The reciever was $200. And the best part is you don’t have wires and speakers all over your living room. It is a nice clean look. Just remember when you are putting in the speaker wire don’t run it along side electrical cable. If you have to be around electrical cable cross it at a 90 degree angle. If you have questions just let me know.

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