I purchased Windows Home Server

I went back and forth about either buying a pre-built Windows Home Server or buying just the Windows Home Server license. I picked just the license and I feel I made a good choice. Below are some of the pros and cons of going with a pre-built system vs. building your own.

For the pre-built system:
1. Low power consumption
2. Software loaded on compatible hardware
3. Easily add more hard drives
4. Nice small form factor

For just the license:
1. Save money, only $170 for software
2. Ability to add different things
3. take advantage of old hardware

The lists above are not everything that was going through my mind but just some of the major issues. Like I said above I picked the just the license and plan to build my own. Building my own Windows Home Server gives me the ability to add things that I wouldn’t have been able to with a pre-built. To start my hard drives are all IDE. I want to make sure I can put all the drives I have laying around in the server. Also the pre-built server only has room for four hard drives. To start I am going to put two 500GB hard drives, two 160GB hard drives, and a 300GB hard drive. Once I get the data transferred to the Windows Home Server I am going to put another 500GB hard drive and 2 80GB hard drives. There is no way to stuff that many hard drives in the HP server unless you daisy-chain usb hard drives to it. I’m going to use my old case that I had for my desktop. Eventually I will need to order PCI to IDE cards to handle all the drives.

My initial plans for the server is to hold all TV shows, movies, music and pictures. I want all the digital media on there because I use Mac laptops and they can’t use the connector software. I can just login to the server from the Mac to get all the files. I eventually hope to get Time Machine working with the server for the Mac for data files and I will use the connector software on the Windows machines.

I’ll post more about the server once I get it built and the software is installed. I have used Windows Home Server in the past.

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