I ordered Popcorn Hour

I pre-ordered the popcorn hour tonight. I posted a review of it earlier this month.  They are taking pre-orders by when you signed up to the site.  It just happened to be my time to order.  They are expecting the next shipment on the March 30th so hopefully mine is on that shipment.  I have been looking at extenders and streamers for some time now and settled with the popcorn hour because it supports a lot of different formats, has HDMI 1080p, web services, firmware updates, and supports files stored about anywhere.  And as a bonus has bit torrent built in.  Anybody that reads this site will know that I use Windows and Mac daily.  I needed something that will work with both.  It won’t be as easy to setup as AppleTV but AppleTV doesn’t come close to handling the codecs that the popcorn hour does.  I’ll post when I get it and I’ll throw all my media at it to test it out.

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