I bought a BlackBerry

I have switched from my Windows Mobile world to a BlackBerry.  I bought a BlackBerry Pearl through Verizon.  It was only $100, no rebate just $100.  I wasn’t sure how I would like it but after using it for a few days now I’m really glad I bought it.  The typing was strange at first but now I can type faster than I could on my XV6700 with full keyboard.  Also the data plans for the blackberry’s is $30 compared to $50 for a Windows Mobile phone, plus I get my discount through my job.  My job paid for the exchange support so I still have direct sync to my email, calendar and address book.  It is really easy to navigate around with the trackball.  There are also a lot of good applications including lots of Google products.  My one complaint is that Verizon disabled the GPS.  I read the features on BlackBerry’s site and was really looking forward to the GPS.  I should have learned from my XV6700 that Verizon likes to disable things that are useful because they can’t make money off of them.  Verizon wants you to pay $10 a month for VZNavigator when really you should be able to use Google Maps or BlackBerry Maps for free.  On my XV6700 the WiFi card would turn on but it disabled the phone while it was on.  This was to piss you off so you would pay for their data service at $50 a month.  They fixed that issue with a patch a few weeks after I got the phone so you could have both on at the same time.  I don’t think the GPS will get enabled but they aren’t getting another $10 a month from me.  I’ll use that $10 a month to buy a small bluetooth GPS reciever.

I don’t want to complain too much because overall I really like what the phone can do.  And compared to my XV6700 this phone is tiny.

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