Hymn gets Cease and Desist from Apple

Hymn-Project.org got a Cease and Desist letter from Apple. This really bothers me for a number of reasons. Apple’s iTunes store is now number 2 in the US. But there product is locked in so you have to use their players to play the music you purchased. The Hymn Project didn’t do anything but open up files that were already purchased from the iTunes store. These people paid for their music. They just didn’t want it locked down to only be used with iPods. I posted about switching from iTunes to MP3 and I used the software available at the Hymn-Project. I think someone should step in and make Apple open the format to work on other players. If the iPod is so great like Apple thinks it is than people will still buy the iPod over other music players. My recommendation is to use DRM free music stores. I still purchase from iTunes but only if they have the DRM version of the song. For the most part I use Amazon MP3 now.  I’m just glad I got my music converted over when I did.

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