Hulu Moving Forward with $10 Subscription Plan?

Hulu is proposing a paid subscription plan for more content. The price is $9.95 and will give you more than just the 5 lastest episodes. The problem is there will still be ads in your paid subscription plan. That just shows me that Hulu doesn’t get it.

They have a great service that people are using. They are still pulling in a profit. By opening up more shows that profit will increase without a subscription plan. Hulu has ads but there are fewer ads during the show but you can’t skip them and that is important. Millions of people with a DVR skip every commercial that comes up. As people swing from traditional TV to online viewing those ads, that require a user to watch, will increase in price of the ad space.

I just hope Hulu doesn’t drive people away. Part of the appeal of Hulu was you could watch shows online for free. Once you start that paid model you are starting downhill and will eventually drive people away.

(via LA Times)

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$8/mo for my usenet provider. Why would I want to spend $10/mo for hulu’s BS and fascist DRM customer abuse?

Sure I would prefer to have content above board but I have ZERO interest in BS requirements or DRM.

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