HP TouchSmart Desktop


Consumer reports has a first look at the HP Touch Smart Desktop. I’m really impressed with the review. More and more families are getting multiple computers in the house. I think this computer would be perfect for a kitchen area computer. It features TV tuners, HDMI, and FM tuner. It is a 19″ touch screen that has an interface like Media Center. The reason why I say it would be perfect for the kitchen is this from the article: “There’s easy access to a calendar, local weather, and your photo albums. A family message center uses electronic “sticky notes” on which you can write, draw, or record.” Plus lots of families spend plenty of time in the kitchen. This computer could help organize your life instead of putting notes on the refrigerator. Check out the link above for more info and their thoughts. The link below is the HP page. HP if your listening I would love to test one of these out. I think you have a really nice product here.


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