HP MediaSmart Server 3.0 Available for EX47x and EX48x Owners

HP is making the 3.0 software available for EX480/475/485 and 487 owners. The upgrade isn’t free but $25 isn’t bad for all the new features. You also need at least 1GB of memory for some features to work. Now you don’t have to be behind the EX49x owners. This is a good move by HP and will make a lot of early adopters happy.

The 3.0 software update DVD will be available to order beginning later this week, with shipments beginning next week. These optional updates are available to purchase for owners of our EX470/475/485/487 products who want to upgrade their servers to the latest 3.0 software that is shipping on the EX490/495 products.

Please note the previously communicated information related to these updates:

1) The cost of the upgrade DVD has been finalized and will be US$25 or €25.

2) These upgrades will be available as a server recovery solution. HP recommends that you back up all server files prior to installing the upgrade.

3) This upgrade is not recommended for EX470/475 owners who have not already upgraded their Server DRAM to 1GB as certain features will not function.

To order the upgrade DVD, visit www.hp.com and enter your product model number in the “Support and Drivers” section. Then follow the path for your MediaSmart Server model number to order the upgrades.

We thank everyone for their continued support of the MediaSmart Server family of products.

(via UsingWindowsHomeServer)

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