HP 2133 Mini-Note Hands On

I had the chance today to play with the HP 2133, which is their eeePC competitor. I didn’t get a huge amount of time with it but the time I did get with it I was very impressed. The overall feel of the laptop was good. It is made of very sturdy aluminum. It doesn’t feel cheap at all like the eeePC feels. The screen also has a scratch-resistant cover to protect it. I was told it was geared towards college kids that would throw the thing into their bags, so it had to be tough. The model they had with them had the 2GB of memory running Windows Vista. While it did seem to take a bit longer then I would like to boot, maybe it was because I was so excited to see it, it was very responsive once booted though.

The one thing, there are others noted above, that is worth every penny over the eeePC is the almost full sized keyboard. I have used the eeePC and it can be very tricky to type on. With the HP 2133 you won’t have that problem. The keys are big, they take up the entire width of the laptop. I believe they said it is 96% of a full size keyboard.

The one thing that might be a little tricky to get use to is the right and left click. They are located on the right and left side of the trackpad. I kept clicking under like a normal laptop. It isn’t as bad as the cloudbook though.

I have a few more pictures below. Sorry for the quality, all I had was my blackberry with me.

Product Page

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