How Would You Change the Popcorn Hour?

Engadget asked what you would change about the Popcorn Hour.  Since I have posted many videos on the Popcorn Hour I thought I would give a little summary of what was said in the comments.  Now most people that I have talked to about the device use it for HD content.  I am not one of those.  I generally use mine for my SD DVDs that I converted to divx over the last 4 years.  A lot of the comments talk about the lack of some features in the HD audio area.  There are a lot of comments about the slow interface, which I agree about.  Web content loads extremely slow.

There are firmware updates coming out all the time and the forum is always active.  The device does a vary good job and it can only get better.  If your thinking about purchasing one I would read through the comments to see what others are saying.  But remember there is still a couple of month wait for the device.

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