How Many Hard Drives in Your Windows Home Server?

The Windows Home Server blog has some interesting information on storage amounts being used.  If you checked the box to send data back to Microsoft they are watching what goes on.  I thought I had a lot of hard drives in mine, I currently have 6 drives for a total of 1.6 terabytes.

* The largest number of hard drives currently attached to a home server is 27, there are lots and lots of people with more than 10 hard drives attached to their home servers
* The largest amount of available disk space that we have seen (so far) is: 22.06 terabytes
* The largest amount of used disk space that we have seen (so far) is: 19.32 terabytes

I can’t imagine 22 terabytes at home or 27 hard drives. I’m actually thinking about rebuilding mine to save power using energy efficient components and running three 750 gig hard drives.

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