Google Announces Google TV

Google announced Google TV yesterday at the developers conference. There were some hiccups during the presentation which seemed like a presentation you might give in a board room to test interest for a product but not for a large conference. Even with the problems that came up the software still peaks my interest. It’s not having it integrated into the TV or another set top box but rather the developers that can make the device interesting. Google TV will be running Android and will allow developers to build applications for it. Hulu, Netflix, CBS and ABC could all have applications running on the device. The Android platform has been a huge success and it’s because of the community of developers that have flocked to the software. If those same developers flock to Google TV we could see some very cool things. It’s what I originally thought Apple would have done with AppleTV, let the developers build apps for it. I’m guessing they are working on that now.

Google still has a lot of work today to get the product to become successful. Lots of big companies have tried to enter this market and have ultimately failed to gain traction other than geeks.

Video overview of Google TV below.

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