Get Your iPad Connected to 3G

The iPad 3G is coming out soon but what if you didn’t want to drop the extra $130 for that data card inside. There are options out there to get your wifi iPad connected to 3G service. While I was working on this post, even posted some questions to twitter last night, posted the exact same thing. The solutions are Mifi devices or a few apps for Windows mobile and Android. Hit the link above for all the details.

Since I first got my hands on the iPad I knew that I needed to get access all the time. Lost of apps require Internet to take full advantage of. If you aren’t in a wifi area you are limited. The iPad 3G is an option but once I go about 3 miles south of town I’m out of AT&T coverage. I’m tired of seeing Apple continue to partner with AT&T.

Even with the solutions posted I’m still stuck. I generally tether my laptop to my Droid using PDAnet, which was $18 for full access. There is a program for Android but it requires you to root your phone. I’m still not willing to root my Droid. I hope that someone comes out with a wifi hotspot for Android that doesn’t require root.

Are you connecting your iPad to your 3G data? If so how are you going about it?

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