Get Your Google Voice Invite Here

Going along with our Google Wave invites it’s time to give away some Google Voice accounts. Google Voice would be a great addition to your new Droid if you picked one up. Just comment below and use a valid email address. I wouldn’t post your email in the comments. I don’t have as many invites but I will use to pick as many winners as I can. I have some other things to give away later so I would suggest subscribing to the RSS feed for the site. Good luck.

Congratulations to:

The invites were sent out. I can’t control how fast Google sends them but it is generally pretty fast with the Voice accounts. There will be more contests running here over the next few days so keep checking back.

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Just got the Droid today 🙂

I’d love one!

Pls pls pls 🙂

Would love a Google Voice invite now that I have my new Droid. Thanks for offering this.

If you still have any I’d love an invite.

woo google voice

Would love to have a google voice invite.


Would like to try it out.

I would love one.

Really need one! Thanks!

Can I have one too 😉

I’ve been trying to find an invite for a while. I’d appreciate one.


It’s nice of you….
God Bless


I’d love a G Voice invite! Have been using Google Apps and gmail since they came out. I appreciate your consideration!

Gave my daughter a gmail account invite when they came out, gave her a wave invite as soon as I got some, and found out that she has voice, and I don’t! Would love an invite.

Looking forward to trying Voice on an Android phone.

Would like to try the Google Voice, have Google Wave but no Google voice.

I would love a google voice invite if you have one to spare. Thanks!

Fingers crossed! Thanks for the chance, that’s really kind.

I just got a droid and would love to have google voice. Could really use a local number so I can buzz people into my apartment complex. Thanks for the chance!

I’m new to the Droid, playing with YouMail right now but would love Google Voice!

I’m loving my new droid, would love a google voice account to use with it.

Man.. I’d appreciate it a great deal!

I just got my mytouch3g – I would love the help!

could you send me one invitation please? thanks~ 🙂

Please please please invite me! Also, is pretty neat.

Hey, Add me to the list of wanting an invite for Google Voice!

I’m closing the contest. I’ll update the post with the winners. I wasn’t expecting this kind of turn out for Google Voice. I hope I get more invites soon so I can offer them up again.

I got the invite and set it all up. Thanks so much 🙂

thanx! I’m feeling lucky!

I need a google voice invite.


I need a “voice” and have a “wave” to trade. Email me at billquinn1/at/ if you have and need.

i just picked up a droid and i likes it! REALLY anxious to get a google voice invite however… it would be super appreciated.

Can anyone pass me an invite. ive got a pre and need one.ill pass mine on too.utwilson/at/

Can anyone send me invite for Google voice on projects.ites/

Just picked up a droid and could use a google voice invite. Thanks.

would love a invite, thanks

Would love to get a google voice invite please – thanks. Can trade a google wave invite.

Can anyone send me invite for Google voice on

Hi Friends…I would like to have a Google Voice Invitation…Can you help me?


Hay are you still giving invites…. if so can you give me one

No invites right now. As soon as Google gives me more I will offer them up again. Subscribe to the RSS so you will know when I get them again.

Hey, just got my new number, love to use with Voice, let me have one if you have it

Feeling lucky!!

Can some one send me an invite, please?

Please invite me! Please! EMail:


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