GeeXboX version 1.0 is available
GeeXboX 1.0 is available for everyone to download. GeeXboX is a embedded Linux distribution that turns your computer into a HTPC. It is a liveCD, so you just boot your computer to the CD. The changes and fixes for the new version are listed below.

– Update Linux to v2.6.21.3
– Upgrade BusyBox to v1.5.1
– Update uClibc to 0.9.29.
– Upgraded SysLinux bootloader to v3.20.
– Better CPU frequency scaling capabilities.

– Added optional support for GNU glibc 2.5 in toolchain for debugging purpose.
– Upgrade to GCC 4.1.2

– Upgrade to MPlayer SVN v23418.
– Added support libavformat demuxer in addition to internal libmpdemux.
– New native VC-1/WMV3/WMV9 video decoder (Windows Media Video).
– New native On2 VP50 and VP62 decoder (Flash video).
– New native lossless audio decoders for WavPack, TTA, and Shorten.
– Support for VC1 in MPEG-TS and MPEG-PS files (like HD-DVD and BlueRay ones).
– Support for EVO demuxing (HD-DVD file format).
– Added support for VP7 binary codec.
– Added binary extra codec (through Generator) for WMA Pro files handling.
– Added binary codec for VC-1 codec as the native decoder is not (yet) able to decode all samples.
– Support for audio stream switching in MPEG-TS/PS, Matroska and streams supported by libavformat.
– Support for audio stream switching between streams with different codecs.
– New native RTSP input (handles MPEG-TS over RTP only) for generic RTSP servers (like FreeboxTV) which deprecates Live555 usage.
– H.264 decoding speed improvements.
– SSA/ASS subtitle renderer.
– Added support for ICEcast netstreams.
– Radio is now handled direclty through V4L2.
– Support for 3GP, AAC, VDR and DVR-MS files.
– Added a new Preferences menu, with many new options to control audio streams, subtitles, colors and tweak all video parameters.
– Removed libdts, libmpcdec, libogg, libvorbis and libtheora, as deprecated by new MPlayer internal decoders/demuxers.
– Allows loading external subtitle files.
– Allows setting playback speed.
– Allow selection of radio Genres, and store each genre in a subfolder for easier discovery.

– Fix with VESA on i945 cards.

– Added support for IVTV based cards (such as Hauppauge PVR 150/250/350/500).
– Support for WPA encryption on WiFi cards.
– Added support for Broadcom BCM43xx WiFi chipsets (like Apple AirPort).
– Added Ralink RT61 and RT73 chipsets support.
– Added support for wireless TI ACX111 chipsets.
– Added support for MadWiFi-NG driver.
– Added support for ZyDAS ZD12x1 wireless chipsets.
– Added support for PVR USB 2 TV card.
– Added support for Rio Karma USB mass storage devices.
– Added support for USB soundcards.
– Fixed ATI USB mouse directional keycodes.
– Added Medion (also Aldi) X-10 OEM’d remote.
– Added support for Logitech UltraX Media remote.
– Added support for some USB to serial interfaces.
– Introduced new libata support in kernel for IDE disks support.
– Do no more force disks to 32bits I/O (crashes with CompactFlash over IDE).
– Much better autodetection of USB DVB devices.
– Support for more radio cards.
– Rework of DVB firmware loader.

– Support for IPv4 multicast (useful for RTSP streams).
– Added NdisWrapper support that allows using Win32 network (WiFi) drivers under Linux.
– Upgraded bftpd to version 1.8.4 and added new file /etc/ftp for FTP authentication.
– Updated Samba to 3.0.25, uses UTF-8 charset to mount shares and fixes some mount points handling issues.
– Allows Samba and NFS mounts to come up if the servers are brought up after geexbox boots up, by looping in the background.
– Added basic WebGUI implementation.

– Support for NDISwrapper driver loading.
– Added new tab to add extra files to generated ISO image.
– New generator option to set WiFi channel number.
– Support for Windows Vista.

– Removed deprecated non-working recorder/mencoder support.
– Added remote=/receiver= cheat codes in isolinux for easy change.
– Added menus in installator for selecting remote/receivers.
– Added support for various keyboard mapping (azerty/qwerty/qwertz)
– New makefile rules to build and play VMware virtual machines (make vmx; make vmx-play).
– Fixed QEMU/VirtualBox emulation.
– Add autoplay support for USB devices.
– Reworked internationalization files.
– Support for multiple languages in the same ISO image.
– Support for JFS file system.

Click here for the download page.

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