From Mac Mini to Windows MCE

Recently I setup a Mac Mini as a media center for my girlfriend. You can read about it above. I bought an eyeTV to record all the shows. I also hacked some files to get frontrow running on my G4 mac mini. While the Mac Mini was nice it wasn’t all there. There are a few really nice media center apps out there. But most don’t work with tuners and the ones that do only support a very limited number. That’s why I choose a combination of Frontrow and the eyeTV software. The problem came from using both pieces of software. It was rather annoying switching from frontrow to the eyetv software. It was also very difficult to read the eyetv guide on the screen. Granted it is only a 20″ TV but I would expect settings that I could change the software to be viewable at 640×480.

So with all the little annoyances she decided that she wanted a Windows Media Center like I have at my house. She already had a Dell desktop so I we just had to order a few parts to turn it into a media center. She order a hauppage tuner card, 500GB hard drive, 1 GB of memory, and windows vista ultimate. We also went to Walmart and bought the audio and video cable to run to the TV. Install was easy and so was the setup. If you can read and click some buttons you can setup a tuner card and add your media files. Vista Ultimate makes it easier then the 2005 version.

Well the little issues with the Mac weren’t there in Windows. Click on settings and setup MCE for TV. It asks a few questions and adjusts the screen resolution. I could see the guide and everything. Another plus is you don’t have to switch between applications to get all your media and watch TV. And the best part for her is all the pluggins. She can get MTV overdrive and watch all the shows she forgets to record.

I have always been a Windows MCE fan saying nothing can compare to it at the moment. I figured I would try to setup my Mac Mini to try to make it compete. And it can’t. I tried but it was more work then it was worth.

My next goal is to try MythTV and put it against Windows MC.

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