Ford Sync Part 2

I talked about the Ford sync before here. I recently read a new article about it that says that the system will work with Apple’s Fairplay AAC format.

From the article: “Microsoft has worked out a deal to let the system play songs encoded in Apple’s FairPlay AAC format. Previous versions of the Microsoft Auto system played songs from iPods in unprotected formats, but not those encoded in that way. Songs played through the car audio system will still reside on the iPod or other music device, which must be plugged in for the music to play. The arrangement to play FairPlay AAC files from the iPod isn’t unique. Other third-party devices and in-car systems can do the same thing. [Editor’s note: Details added to explain FairPlay AAC playback.]”

Now this would be very interesting if this happens. Is Apple going to allow Microsoft’s WMP to play the music. I would love it if it happens but I’m unsure that it will actually take place.

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