FM Radio on the N800

There is posts spreading around the Internet that the Nokia N800 has a FM chip in it to play radio stations. I tested it out today and it does work and it is really easy to do. The software isn’t perfect but it works. I’m expecting to see a better developed application since people know about it now. Below are the steps to get the radio enabled.

Do all the steps below on the N800.

1. The first thing you need is the radio application. You can get the app from this link: here.
Open the file in application manager and follow the on screen menus. Basically just click OK and Install.

2. Next you need to get xterm. If you already xTerm on your N800 then skip this step. You can download xterm here. Again follow the on screen boxes.

3. Once both applications are installed you need to go to xTerm. You can get there by going to your application list, extras, then to X terminal. Once X terminal opens just type in “fmradio” without the quotes. It will launch FM radio.

4. Plug in your headphones and enjoy. The headphones are used as the antenna. Quality is good.

Extra: You can add FM radio to the N800 homepage. While you are on the homepage click “home” at the top. Then click on “select applets…” You will see FM radio, click the check box and click OK.

Below is a video of the N800 radio application. I didn’t make it.

Note: make sure you understand what you are doing. This isn’t a Nokia app and could cause problems.

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do you know is there a way to backup the list of fm stations that i made ?
They are not in the internal list of known fm station, i have added them for my selfe

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