Flip Releases FlipShare TV

Flip, the maker of the popular Flip videos, has released FlipShare TV. FlipShare TV allows you to easily stream those videos you have taken with your Flip video to your TV.

* FlipShare TV makes it incredibly easy to enjoy videos in your FlipShare™ library wirelessly on your TV, in the comfort of your own home
* FlipShare TV wirelessly and automatically connects your TV to your computer—no confusing setup required
* Wirelessly integrates with videos in your FlipShare™ library, as well as videos others have shared with you in your Flip Channels
* Use simple Remote Control to play and navigate through your videos on your TV
* Friends and family can use FlipShare TV to watch videos you’ve shared with them using FlipShare’s Flip Channel feature—even if they don’t own a Flip Video camcorder themselves
* Watch other videos you’ve imported into your FlipShare library on your TV as well, even if you captured them on a different device

I think it’s a great idea that they want to get your videos to your TV but the price tag is $150 for the device. That’s more than some of the best media streamers on the market. I would suggest you get the $25 HDMI cable that Flip sells.

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