First Thoughts: iPod Touch Software 2.1

Apple’s “Lets Rock” event was today where they released a new iPod nano and iPod Touch. They also announced new 2.1 software which was supposed to address some issues with backing up and apps crashing. The download is on Apple’s server now and you can find it here for the first gen iPod Touch.  It worked on mine but I give no promises on your iPod Touch.  So if it messes it up don’t blame me.

The first thing I wanted to test was the backup feature.  I posted on my Twitter account when I started the backup and when it finished.  The first backup took 3 minutes.  That’s a huge improvement from the old 2.0 software.  I then let it finish the sync and I disconnected.  Now when I plug it in and it does the backup you can barely see backup flash on the top of iTunes.  It only takes seconds.  It is nice when you’re in a hurry you can quickly plugin the iPod and load new items to it.  No 3 hour backups.

The second thing was no more apps crashing.  This is a little harder to test since it happened so infrequently to me.  It has happened before so I tried everything I could to get them to crash.  I repeatedly opened up apps and closed them.  I focused on the free apps which have trouble with.  I couldn’t get them to crash at all.  There were a few times that the app did take a second to close or to move to the next menu but no crashes.

The last new thing I played around with was the Genius feature.  The feature works great.  I have noticed that it works best if you select a song that has complete album details or was purchased from iTunes.  Some of my really old MP3s it had trouble finding the right songs.

I dug through the settings and a few other apps and didn’t notice any other new features.  Overall I’m happy with what software 2.1 has to offer.  I think the backup software will make people the most happy.

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Thanks for the great review, Jeremy. I’m downloading my update right now…

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