First Impression: Apple iPad

There has been a lot of news on the iPad lately. I didn’t get mine on Saturday with lots of other people. I picked it up today from our education store. I thought I would share some of my initial impressions of the device. I have only played with it for a little bit as the wife has pretty much taken control of it since she opened it.

1. The device feels very solid in your hands. While it is a delicate device that you could break you don’t get that impression while holding it. The down side to that is holding it for long periods of time could definitely cause arm strain.

2. The bigger screen is something I will really enjoy. While I have an iPod Touch most apps felt too cramped for my liking. As apps start to flood the market we will get a better sense of how developers plan to take advantage of it.

3. Volume was loud and clear. Probably not good if you’re sitting on a bus annoying everyone but will be great to occupy kids in a car with some family games. The wife tested out playing games on the way to my parents.

4. OS is just like the iPod Touch. It’s looks nice but I think they could have made some improvements for the bigger screen. Maybe that’s part of OS 4.0.

5. Apps are too expensive. That’s to be expected since the store is sparse compared to the iPhone store. Developers are capitalizing on limited titles. I’m guessing prices will fall over the next few months as more and more apps hit the market.

I’ll go over some of the other things after I have a little more time to explore. One thing I see being an issue is it’s not setup for multiple accounts. Unlike the iPod Touch which you could buy one per member in your household, the iPad is a little pricey for that. Either Apple or the developers for iPad need to understand that it will most likely be a shared device. It needs to be able to switch twitter accounts easily for example.

Overall I think it’s going to be a great device.

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