Firefox 2 fix for MacBook Pro

Well I complained that Firefox 2 was crashing all the time on my MacBook Pro. Well I got it working a lot better now. I figured I better share some info in case others are still having trouble. It’s really easy. Open up the Macintosh HD or whatever you call it now. Search for Firefox. And delete anything that says Firefox on it. Now don’t delete files that you have that have the word Firefox in them. Or web pages you have saved that say Firefox. You need to look for folders that refer to Firefox. Usually in the Library folder. Even delete Firefox from the applications folder. Go to and download it again. It worked for me. I can actually use it again. Now it isn’t completely perfect. Certain web pages still lock Firefox up and I have to force quit, but it is only a couple of times a day and not a couple of times every 15 minutes.

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