Firefox 2 crashes on my Mac

So I downloaded firefox 2 yesterday from Mozilla ftp servers. And since I downloaded it I have had nothing but problems. As you will note I said I downloaded it yesterday. I got the link to the FTP server from So I installed it and started to use it. But it wasn’t 5 minutes after using it it crashed. I am using a MacBook Pro runing all the updates. Well since it was the day before it was suppose to be out I figured that this might not be the actual product release. I continued to use it with more and more crashes. So this afternoon the real annoncment came from Mozilla. So I said I’ll go get the actual download from their site. Downloaded it, installed it. And what would you know the same thing. I have changed settings with no luck at all. All I can say is I’m glad that the new firefox 2 has a recovery feature. I thought this was dumb when I heard about this feature but ever since I installed 2 I’m glad it’s there. The only thing that came from the new firefox 2 is all my bookmarks are now in Safari and I have successful reinstalled the old firefox. I know the old one worked.

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