Finally I’m HD at home

I have finally broke down and bought a High Definition TV. I actually went to my local Best Buy to pick up a 32 inch TV set. I didn’t want to spend a lot since I don’t have HD programming. I ended up bringing home a 50 inch plasma TV and signed up for DirecTV HD. They had a deal going where if you bought a new plasma TV you get $300 off if you sign up for DirecTV HD. I was planning on switching to DirecTV so this was the perfect opportunity to get a good deal. I signed up for the HD DVR package since the media center won’t be able to record my TV shows. And DirecTV if you read this I want to test out your tuners for Windows Media Center. We know they are coming, so let me help you test them out. I’m really happy with the new TV. I’m picking up local HD right now and it is great. I can’t wait until DirecTV comes on Wednesday to hook everything up.

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