Fiji was Finally Released

I was holding off talking about anything Fiji because it was back and forth on when it was coming and what it was offering.  Then when it was time to write about it there was already a very good post up by Brent Evans over at GeekTonic.  He was posting the details about it as they were coming out so he has 3 updates to his post.  Fiji is now known as Media Center TV Pack 2008.  It doesn’t include the only thing I really wanted and that is DirecTV support.  But it does add some HiDef features.  I think this update is more blah and doesn’t really deserve that much attention.  Microsoft really needed to realease something great but instead we got a few updates that will make some happy but it has no wow.  I would also like to point people to a post by Chris Lanier.  He was upset about users potty mouth about Fiji at The Green Button.  But he also mentioned all the leaked details of Fiji and how Microsoft won’t offer it up to beta again because of it.  That disappoints me because I like to try things out early. He still says he won’t talk about the details so either he won’t confirm what’s already been said or there is something else that he won’t talk about, let’s hope DirecTV.

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I don’t know for sure, but I’m hearing that the DirecTV thing will likely not show up until the next version of Windows.

That’s what I have been hearing too. CableCard really hasn’t taken off, they could have used a big surge of new Media Center users if they had a reliable DirecTV tuner. I’m still exploring other pieces of software. The more I read about SageTV on your website the more I like it. I might download the trials and test things out.

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