EyeTV 2.5 offers video streaming


Slingbox might be in a little trouble with all these new services coming out. First Microsoft bought webguide and made it free. It turns your Media Center into a slingbox -like box. Now Elgato has eyeTV 2.5 that offers wifi streaming of videos. This is meant to only stream around your house using the Mac of your choice as the server. But you can port forward on your router and use many services on the web that will allow you to access those streaming files anywhere. While the new feature doesn’t compare to the total package of a slingbox and it doesn’t come close to webguide for windows media center, it is a great addition to an already great piece of software. I look to see elgato continuing to provide more features to compliment the Apple lineup of products, ipod, iphone, appleTV. The link above has the steps for setting up wifi streaming and configuring the router for internet access.

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