Extenders Aren’t Dead for Windows Media Center?

Are you wondering where all the Windows Media Center extenders went to? Ben Drawbaugh over at EngadgetHD gives some explanation as to why they aren’t here right now. It covers the history of when Windows Media Center editions were released and when extenders came out. Extenders always came after the launch of the new software. He makes some valid points and I hope that extenders aren’t dead.

Microsoft is to blame for poorly implementing the new technology. With Windows Media Center it has been we give you a feature, we take away a feature and so on until the most recent release. For instance Microsoft gave us MCE 2005 which was good. They finally gave us an extender much later. When Vista MCE came out that Linksys extender didn’t work anymore and you had to buy new extenders. Windows 7 comes out with a lot of improvements to MCE and companies stop selling extenders. It’s hard to progress when the technology isn’t there anymore. That’s unless you want to buy a Xbox 360 for every room. That’s scary and loud.

My faith in Windows Media Center has been tarnished for a few years now. It’s mostly because of my huge investment in hardware that became obsolete and the industry not working together. The course of Windows Media Center isn’t on track, which is a shame because it’s an awesome DVR platform.

I’m still holding on hope that Ben is right and extenders are still coming. There are also companies working on improving CableCard implementation. It could still get very interesting for Windows Media Center users this year.

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