Ecobee Smart Thermostat

Ecobee has a new thermostat coming out that has some smart features.  It is a programable thermostat that has a wizard to help set it up to work with your schedule.  It can be programed to turn on before you wake up and will set at a lower/higher temperature when your not at home.  One really nice feature is built in wifi.  It will allow you to make program changes from any web browser.  From the web interface you can also see how much energy you are using over different times.  It will require a professional to install but at $385 it’s not too expensive.  It will save you that much in no time at all.

(via CrunchGear)

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This unit apparently has only the bare minimum (to qualify for energy star) of 4 pre-programmed temp changes per day; has only 30 min resolution! Ridiculous that an advanced, expensive unit would have such obvious limitations!!

Robert Shaw units (of course, not WiFi capable) provide 6 pre-programmed temp changes per day. This means you can have wake/breakfast, lunch, return home/dinner settings, or, as I use the extra settings: late-night, wake/breakfast, regular-day, return-home&dinner, after-dinner-tv-watching (yes i only really need 5).

Other units also provide 15 min or better resolution.

Still a lot of room for improvement in web accessible thermostats.

One question I have is does one have to register with them, or, if I have my own dynamic dns capable router, can I bypass their web site? Axis security cameras work this way: if you want, you can feed your web cam thru them and they’ll do the work of keeping track of its IP address if it ever changes, but, if you have your own dynamic dns capable router, you can bypass their hosting service and get directly to your web cam from the internet. I’d hate have to go thru a third party forever.

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