DVR users skip commercials

Digital Entertainment Survey
It isn’t a big shocker that if you can skip a commercial you probably will. The 2008 Digital Entertainment Survey was released today and has some interesting information in it.

Of those consumers with fast-forward technology (Sky+, Windows Media Center and digital video recorders), just 4% only watch live broadcasts while 23% mostly watch recorded programmes and when watching recorded commercial television 80% fast forward the adverts “most of the time” or “all of the time.” Only 6% rarely / never fast-forward the adverts.
This behaviour is consistent across all demographics. Furthermore, 2 out of 3 agree with the statement “I actively try to avoid as many television ads as possible” showing that ad avoidance is a major issue.

There is also some information about pirating content. 70% say they would stop downloading if the ISP gave them a warning.

(via Ian Dixon)

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