DIY: $6 Projector Screen

Well I wanted to show my parents the possibilities of a projector system vs. standard TV. Well like most people’s house they don’t have a single white wall in the house. So I had to come up with something to show the movie on. I had a few ideas but what I decided on was a drop cloth from Walmart. It was only $6.46, and I was willing to spend the money to try it out. I was actually very surprised with the look of the picture on it. The only problem I seen was with bright color text on a black background. Since the drop cloth was bright white it made the bright colors on black blurry around the edges. Once the movie started I couldn’t tell at all of the colors blurring. The picture looked really sharp.

This is the screen hanging in the doorway. Yes I know there are some wrinkles in it. But I didn’t think I could iron the fabric. I hung it and put some wait on it now so next time I use it the wrinkles should be gone. But during the movie you couldn’t even tell there were wrinkles in it.

This is another shot of the screen. I don’t know the actual size. Big sounds like a close estimate.

This is a shot of the movie. As you can see the colors look good. The white has a blur to it like I said before. But while the movie is going you can’t even notice it. The blur comes from the bright white fabric is a little reflective.

Here is another shot while the movie was going. This scene had many colors so I choose it. It looks really good.

I took this picture because of the white lettering. You can see the blur around the letters. And you can also see that I moved slightly when I took the picture. So there are two lines of text. I had the camera in night mode, so no flash, it opens the shutter longer to get the light. So don’t blame the two lines of text on the projector it was my non-steady hand.

This is a picture of the projector screen and a Sony 42″ rear projection TV. As you can see the brightness levels are almost the same. But for a few thousand less you can buy a projector and a $6 screen.

Overall I was really happy with the screen. Especially for $6. The drop cloth was 18 by 12. I folded it to that size that is shown in the pictures. Plus the fabric is kinda thin so by folding it in a fourth there was more behind it so the light wouldn’t go right through. The projector I used was a Dell 2400MP. I used a Macbook to send the signal to the projector. The projector was in 4:3 and in movie mode. I used all the defaults for movie mode, no change of color settings. And since my parents don’t have a stereo setup I used a set of computer speakers for the sound. It was no 7.1 surround sound but it worked.


1. Go to walmart by a drop cloth.
2. Fold it to the desired size.
3. I used some tacs to hold it to the wall. You could use tape if you like.
4. Turn on the projector and enjoy the show.

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I’ve done this one too, but the problem with these drop cloths is they are semitransparent. Half of the light will no refelect back to viewers, bleeding through and creating second image on next surface and he surface of walmart drop cloths are fuzzy which causes blur. You could have tried a white canvas and gotten a LOT better results for not a whole lot more money. Eventually you could have reused it and made your permamnet screen by framining it and using Bher Sliver Screen (770E-2) paint or cheap white flat/matte.

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