DirecTV Multi-Room Viewing is Here

DirecTV with a new software update has released multi-room viewing to the masses. It is a opt-in service and only in beta. That means you have to know how to set it up and DirecTV won’t be giving support on it. DBSTalk has info on the forums on how to set it up and if you have questions that’s a great place to ask. I said it’s here because lots of people have the new software. Both my HD DVRs haven’t been updated yet but I didn’t want to mess with it now. I’ll probably have some more hands on details later this week when I have time to set it up. Since I use the basement DVR and the wife uses the upstairs DVR it will be nice that we can watch our shows in either location. If you already have it configured let me know how it went.

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I have it setup on three boxes. Not totally intuitive on setup, but not too hard either. Just need to opt in on the settings menu on each box, then share the playlist when prompted. I hope in future versions they add tabs or something to separate the different box’s playlists- as of now you can either view the local playlist, or all the playlists mixed together in one.

Have one box connected through a wireless G adapter and the other through a slingbox powerline adapter. They stream SD just fine, but HD is jittery on both.

I just set it up myself. Runs great for but I’m running two boxes through a 3Com 8 port 1GB switch. No jitter on play back from either box on highdef. There is a slight pause when when getting content from the remote box but nothing drastic.

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