Dell Inspiron M1420

I’ll stick with the Dell theme for one more post. I posted about Dell and the delays with the new laptops. I finally got the one I ordered. I give a lot of credit to Dell during this process. They were behind in shipments because of the colors they claim. Usually to get caught up on orders companies/employees start rushing through assembly. This can create products that feel cheap and more pron to problems. This wasn’t the case with the laptop I received. The laptop looked very well put together. The color coating, that feels rubbery, had no defects. Hinges and DVD drive opened and closed smoothly. I want to thank Dell for providing me with a quality laptop during this crazy time. I did want to mention that I did get $50 off for the extreme amount of time I had to wait. I also got next day delivery on the laptop after they delayed shipping the last time. I did have to call to get those breaks but they gave them to me with hardy no complaining. Alright lets get on to some laptop details.

So you can see that the laptop is pink, it’s for my sister. Like I said above the color is has a rubber feel to it. I was expecting colored plastic and not a colored spray on the plastic. It isn’t a bad thing, I like the coating, it just wasn’t what I expected. The laptop that I ordered was full of goodies. Core 2 Duo, 2GB of memory, 128MB graphics card, 160GB 7200RPM hard drive, bluetooth, 8x dual layer DVD burner, webcam and a 9-cell battery. I also got the high resolution 1440×900 LCD. For the $1300 I paid it’s a great deal. The laptop has the standard inputs and outputs. I do like how things are laid out. The webcam has some cool software with it. It has face recognition so you can put hats on your head and when you move around the hat stays on your head. You can also add effects to the picture. It comes bundled with software that lets you turn your webcam into a security tool. YOu can remote monitor the webcam, you can setup motion detection with video or pictures. I was surprised by how nice the webcam quality was. The one thing I don’t like is it puts out a lot of heat out one vent. On the left side of the laptop there is a vent on the side. That one vent puts out so much heat the air is hot enough you don’t want to keep your hand in front of it. The good thing about it being on the side is it’s keeping the heat away from the lap. My MacBook Pro causes third degree burns if I leave it on my lap for too long. Overall the laptop is a great size and packs enough punch to do anything you would want on it. There are pictures below of the laptop.

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