Custom Media Center

Popular Mechanics has a build of a media center pc. They use some nice parts but I think they left off a bit. Especially with the amount of money they spent they could have done better. I think they should have added a HD input card. The graphics card is HD but it doesn’t matter if the signal coming in isn’t. And they should of had a digital sound card run through a reciever for sound. While the 7.1 computer speakers would be alright, sending the signal to a nice reciever and set of speakers would have been far better sounding. Plus it would be more practical in your media room. I do like the case but feel that it is more of looks than being practical. Who would really get up off the couch to touch the screen when they want to change the movie? Plus what if you had the media center in your entertainment center under your TV. The display on the case showing the same thing as the TV would just be annoying. But overall the build looks good. Plus you can register to win the case. There is a link on page three to register.

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