Ceton’s Quad CableCard Tuner Up For Pre-Sale

Ceton’s quad CableCard tuner for Windows Media Center is up for pre-sale. This is good news since lots of media center fans have been waiting. The card is $478 which isn’t bad for what it can do. You can record 4 shows at once using a single cablecard. It also has SDV built-in so it’s current with the latest trends. Engadget HD has some more info along with a review coming soon. Media Center fans just need some extenders to go along with it.

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I got an email from the company saying that it will be $399 as previously announced, and that the price on zones.com was a mistake. This is from an email from Ceton:

“Unfortunately, the pricing shown on Zones.com when it went live today (March 13) was incorrect. Zones is working to fix that now. Rest assured that the price remains $399, as we’ve said all along. If you go to Zones.com and see $478.99 that is incorrect and is not what you will be charged in May when the unit ships. We’re very sorry about the confusion and frustration that might have caused.”

They also said the new release date is May 31.


Thanks for the info. I was wondering why the price went up from the $399 they said earlier.

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